Wilderness Experiences

Open Jeep Safaris

There are twice daily safaris that takes places in the core and buffer zones of the reserve except Wednesday afternoons. We would be more than happy to arrange your safari permits, since the bookings are on limited quota basis and open 120 days in advance, we recommend planning and booking as early as possible

Walk in the tribal village

We invite you on one of its kind of an experience of walking into the tribal villages and interacting with the communities who have been co-existing with the wildlife.

Kanha has been inhabited by Gonds and Baigas indigenous tribe and the very village that we are in is a tribal village, we take you on a tour where you will experience that you travel back in time learn about their origin, history, their belief and practices, customs and rituals. Learn their relation with forest the country house architecture. Depending upon the time of the day and year one can witness various activities of the village and their indigenous lifestyle, visit the local village school.

Tribal Markets/ Haat

A guided tour to weekly tribal haat which not only forms the core of income but also of community life itself. These markets are fascinating and has not changed for centuries, apart from selling the local produce these markets are an important place of social gathering and reveal much about the indigenous culture of Kanha its history and culture.

A visit to these markets will make one experience being a part of the people around, these tribal weekly market takes place near our camp on all afternoons of the week except Monday and each one is at a drive distance of approx 10-20 mins by jeep.

Cycle the rural Landscape

Cycling in the villages of Kanha is again a one of its kind of an experience, it gives one an ideal chance to experience the cultural insight of the community in Kanha.

Open air Bush Boma dining

Dinners are always a treat at Umaria Safari Camp, Boma at the camp is a gathering place after evening safaris, sit around the campfire and enjoy chilly evening with a classic whiskey or a drink for evening.

Indian bites to start with as pre-dinner snacks followed by soups and then dinner around the beautiful table setting lit-up with oil lanterns.

Private Bush Dinner under the sky

Traditional bush dinners are a must do activity for anyone planning a trip to wilderness of Central India. Bush dinner is unlike any other dining experience, the outside setting means one will be able to hear and appreciate the nocturnal sounds.

Bush dinner is a perfect time to feel closer to your companion and eating in such a vast setting is sure to make you and your companion feel more connected than ever.

Hi- Tea by Banjar River

During one of the evening we would arrange a hi-tea setup at Banjar River which is approx 10 mins drive from the camp.

Spending time on the banks of Banjar is an experience in itself, embark on a leisurely adventure watch the magical jungle river while you enjoy a cup of warm coffee.